World Statistical Review 2004 - 2014
The 2017 edition of the World Statistical Review includes 2004 - 2014 data from around the World, including clinker production, imports and exports.
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2016 Activity Report
Read our 2016 Activity Report for the latest information on the work undertaken by CEMBUREAU. This report also contains all publicly available data of relevance to the cement industry.
EU ETS Phase IV CSCF application and market balance
This study analyses the supply and demand balance in terms of the free allowances available under the EU-ETS, comparing the European Commission, Parliament and Council proposals
Status and prospects of co-processing of waste in EU cement plants
According to Ecofys, around 26 million tonnes of CO2 emissions could be avoided if the EU28 cement industry were to cover 60% of its fuel needs with alternative fuels. This study is an extension of the report published in 2016 and covers fourteen EU countries.
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Cement Standards of the World
This publication provides a complete overview of all standards for cement from across 84 countries, including key countries such as US, China, the Russian Federation, Canada and Australia. It covers the latest information available for each country. Price: €300 - More information:
Cement, Concrete & the Circular Economy
The following publication provides an overview of why the cement and concrete industry is central to the circular economy and what can be done to leverage the opportunities.
Cement production: An untapped waste management solution
Every year, 2.5 billion tonnes of waste are generated across the European Union. This waste is managed in a variety of ways, including energy recovery either in a waste-to-energy incinerator or in the production of cement. This report outlines the role played by the cement industry in terms of waste-to-energy.
2015 Activity Report
Read our 2015 Activity Report for the latest information on the work undertaken by CEMBUREAU. This report also contains all publicly available data of relevance to the Cement industry.
Cement and Concrete Industry: Multiplier Effect on the Economy
For every € generated in the cement and concrete industry, €2.8 are generated elsewhere in the economy, concludes this report by Le BIPE. Not only do these two industries contribute to jobs and growth in Europe, they are also essential for a low carbon economy.
The role of cement in the 2050 low carbon economy
The cement industry has developed a vision of how the sector could reduce its emissions by 2050. In this Roadmap, the focus is placed on 5 parallel routes that can each contribute to lowering emissions both in terms of cement and concrete production.
The European Cement Industry - A Strategic Contributor to Europe's Future
The report highlights that the European cement and concrete industry contributes to the economy with a total production value of €74 billion, a value added of €22 billion as well as ~366 thousand jobs.
Cements for a low-carbon Europe
A review of the diverse solutions applied by the European cement industry through clinker substitution to reducing the carbon footprint of cement and concrete in Europe
Building a future with cement & concrete
Adapting to climate change by planning sustainable construction