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Carbon Capture and CO2 Utilisation
Many CCUS projects are being deployed across Europe. Learn more about our policy recommendations on the use of CO2 here.
Path to net zero: Our innovation projects
Discover the ongoing innovation projects on our interactive map.
Carbon neutral by 2050
Check out our 2050 Carbon Neutrality Roadmap to learn more about our decarbonisation pathway.
CEMBUREAU Biodiversity Roadmap
Vision for biodiversity in and around quarries over the coming decades


The European Cement Association based in Brussels is the representative organisation of the cement industry in Europe.
CEMBUREAU is the European Cement Association.
Our primary audience is Europe both policymakers and their relevant stakeholders. In this regard, we communicate the industry’s views on all technical, environmental, energy and downstream issues and policy developments.

Carbon neutral by 2050 is our ambition!

By 2050, the cement sector aims to achieve carbon neutrality along our full value chain – clinker, cement, concrete, construction, and (re)carbonation – otherwise known as our 5C approach. This can be done through a combination of industrial and political action.
Read our full 2050 Roadmap to learn more.

Clinker Cement Concrete Construction Carbonation

Policy Focus


CEMBUREAU welcomes Net Zero Industry Act
Carbon capture deployment requires a thorough debate on CO2 utilisation
Launch of Concrete Europe: The Voice of Concrete and Its Value Chain