Carbon Removals

In brief

The EU ETS covers the main part of the emissions reductions in the cement industry. However, a small part of the potential emissions reductions will be covered by the concept of carbon removals – such as the capture and storage of biomass emissions, or the storage of atmospheric CO2 in concrete and other minerals (recarbonation of concrete, or enhanced carbonation). 

Our view

In CEMBUREAU’s view, it is essential that the EU carbon removal framework is based on a science-based approach and clear definitions. The EU carbon removal framework should be strengthened to: 

  • Recognise the significant carbon removals that can be made through the capture of biogenic emissions from sustainable sources in cement plants and other industries. 
  • Recognise the enhanced carbonation of concrete as a carbon removal. 
  • Recognise natural carbonation as a carbon removal when arising from the production of carbon neutral cement. 
  • Be based on sound science and not recognise short term storage in products as a carbon removal. 
  • Besides the Carbon Removal Regulation, a clear regulatory framework should be developed for CO2 utilisation, carbon accounting and the permanence of storage. 
Position Paper
A credible and efficient path for carbon removals