Position Papers

Joint Declaration for an ambitious EU industrial strategy
The European manufacturing industry has tremendous capacity for research and innovation, boasts a skilled workforce and has earned a global reputation for quality and sustainability. What it now needs is the swift and determined support of the European institutions and the Member States to create more jobs and growth in Europe.
An Ambitious FP9 Strengthening Europe’s Industrial Leadership – Joint Declaration by Industry and RTOs
We, the associations representing European key industrial research and innovation stakeholders, call on the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union to develop an ambitious next EU Research & Innovation Framework Programme (FP9) as a strong support for EU industrial leadership.
Joint industry statement on representative EU pollution standards
A systematic approach to derive the BAT‐AEL as a result of the BREF review process and the data collection performed in that context is a must.
Statement from the alliance of energy intensive industries on the clean energy for all europeans package
The Alliance of Energy Intensive Industries representing more than 30,000 companies that are Europe’s largest energy consumers and together, directly employ more than 2.8 Million people, want to make a success of the Energy Union.
No trade-off of Fairness - Recommendations from the Alliance for a fair EU-ETS
The Alliance for a Fair ETS has many concerns about the impact that some proposed measures under the EU-ETS would have on their global competitiveness.
Birds & Habitats Directives: Recomendations for improving their implementation
BirdLife and CEMBUREAU have identified several ways in which implementation of the BHD could be enhanced to the benefit of biodiversity and nature conservation across Europe.
EU-ETS: Tiered approach impacts seriously the majority of energy-intensive industries
As sectors exposed to carbon, investment and employment leakage as a result of the EU ETS, we strongly oppose any "Tiered Approach". In our view, full (100%) free allocation up to emission efficiency benchmark levels should be granted for all sectors.
Carcinogens & Mutagens at Work Directive: European employers highlight concerns
European employers are committed to effective protection of workers from occupational cancer. Nevertheless, we have strong concerns about the approach taken in the draft report produced by the European Parliament's Employment Committee
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EU-ETS Phase IV: cement industry views
In this document, the cement industry outlines its views on the EU-ETS