CEMBUREAU Reaffirms Support for CEN/TC 350’s Environmental Product Declaration


The EU cement industry remains supportive of CEN/TC 350’s Environmental Product Declaration approach to provide quantified environmental data for life cycle analysis at the functional unit (building) level.

Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) are mainly intended for Business-to-Business (B2B) communication and their prime purpose is to provide measurable and verifiable input for the environmental assessment of construction works.

Thereby today CEMBUREAU has published updated European Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for CEM I, CEM II and CEM III, based on the new amended EN 15804+A2, updating versions published in 2015. The cement EPDs cover the cradle-to-gate life stages of cement.

In full alignment with the EU Commission strategy for a sustainable “built environment”, today’s publication proves CEMBUREAU’s transparency in providing environmental information on average European cement. While values may vary from country to country and from cement plant to cement plant, the LCA indicators for the three main cement types in Europe are within a range close enough to justify the application of the representative EPD for its intended use, i.e. providing the basis for the environmental assessment of buildings and other construction works in typical European situations.

CEMBUREAU first published a European Environmental Product Declaration for CEM I in 2008, updated in 2015 and complemented by European EPDs for CEM II and CEM III.


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