Green Deal

In its Green Deal published in late 2019, the EU recognised the cement sector as indispensable to Europe’s economy, as a supplier to several key value chains. Indeed, we agree, and believe our industry is an enabler for a Green Deal. For a summary of how we are contributing to the Green Deal, read our leaflet here.

Ready for Climate Neutrality

As outlined in our Roadmap, and through our 5C Approach, the European cement industry aims to achieve carbon neutrality along the cement-concrete value chain by 2050. We are ready!

Read all about our 2050 plans and ambitions in our updated roadmap here.

Building a Sustainable Future

As key construction materials for renewable energy equipment, sustainable buildings and mass transit transport, cement and concrete offer the opportunity to accelerate the creation of a carbon-neutral Europe.

To discover how we are building a sustainable future for Europe, click here.

Leading in a Circular Economy

Circular Economy

The cement industry is a leader in the circular economy, through the use of a variety of waste streams as alternative fuel and raw materials in our production processes and down the value chain, where concrete is a fully recyclable product.

Read more about our role within a circular economy here.

Conserving Nature

Conserving Nature

Whilst our quarries provide the materials for our products, protecting and preserving the ecosystems living in and around them remains key. We are proud of our efforts in rehabilitating extracted land and turning it into forests, lakes and grassland so various species can thrive.

To learn all about our nature conservation efforts across Europe, visit our photo gallery here.