Decarb Connect Digital Festival


The Decarb Connect Digital Festival is a global initiative that champions and accelerates the strategies & solutions that can fast track decarbonisation in the toughest-to-abate sectors. The festival takes place from January 26-28 with 300-400 senior leaders from cement, steel, chemicals, glass, ceramics, utilities, oil & gas.

Cembureau will be leading an interactive roundtable discussion to explore how the European green deal can pave the way to scalable innovation, but also to different levels of funding support. This discussion is central to many industrial concerns about whether policy can truly match with, and incentivize, industrial net zero ambition.

CEMBUREAU Members can secure a 40% discount on any ticket purchased before 31st December 2020 – please enquire for the code.

Policy, funding, the scalability of new technologies & business models, cross-sector collaboration – all of this will be the backbone of decarbonisation. If you’re involved in decarbonisation of the hard to abate sectors, join us at the event to define the right, deployable route to net zero.

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