What can we learn from new trends in the construction sector – EU Industry Days 2019 Workshop

06/02/2019 - 06/02/2019

Date: 6 February
Venue: TBC
Registration: r.cracea @cembureau.eu

‘The European construction sector is crucial to the European economy as it provides 18 million direct jobs and contributes to about 9% of the EU's GDP. Furthermore, drives economic growth and offers solutions for social, climate and energy challenges, thus contributing to sustainability.

To remain competitive while enabling the transition to a low carbon and resources efficient economy, the sector is currently evolving its decision-making processes and moving towards digitalisation. A sustainable future is part of the construction industry trends that will continue into 2019.

We will ask advanced contractors about their latest developments and their expectations from suppliers, what new tools engineers and architects are using for design, and how our industry can embrace this new potential to tackle the sector’s main challenges and bring multiple benefits along the entire value chain, as well as for Europe and its citizens.

By inviting practitioners who develop new solutions along the value chain, The Concrete Initiative wants to provide EU stakeholders with an overview of the new construction products market conditions in which cement and concrete producers and users will operate in the years to come.’