08/10/2017 - 10/10/2017

This year, CEMPROSPECTS will continue to cover traditional energy markets of relevance to the cement industry, notably coal and petcoke, as well as freights.  Furthermore, time will be dedicated to a debate on geopolitical events happening across the globe, including the recent US elections, the Brexit and legislative developments in the field of CO2 and sulphur emissions.  In terms of the countries and regions to be covered, these will include Europe and the US, as well as a more in depth analysis of developments in India and China and their impact on the energy markets.

Featured speakers include:

  • Frank O. BRANNVOLL, CEMBUREAU/Cimeurope 
  • Jack Porco, XCoal Energy & Resources
  • Vagner Maringolo, CEMBUREAU
  • Lars Schernikau, HMS Bergbau
  • Guillaume Perret, Perret Associates
  • Guy HINDLEY, Howe Robinson Partners
  • Ben ZIESMER, Jacobs Consultancy
  • Lauren MASTERSON, Argus
  • Nitin AMBHAIKAR, JK Lakshmi Group
  • Patrick PEENAERT, Chairman of the Conference

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