Cementing Europe’s Future: Building a Green Deal Together

13/10/2020 - 13/10/2020

With the European Green Deal, the decarbonisation of industry is likely to top the EU agenda for the coming years. The cement industry intends to play a strong role in this debate and has announced its intention to review its low-carbon ambitions and strive for carbon neutrality along the full cement-concrete value chain by 2050 (please see press release).  

In this context, CEMBUREAU, the Association of the European cement industry, is planning to stage a high-level, large-scale event in Brussels in October 2020.

The event’s central theme will be around the European Green Deal. It will be an occasion to present some of the work done by the industry to work towards carbon neutrality and discuss policies that can support this objective. The event will also cover broader topics related to the circular economy, innovation and a sustainable built environment.