Ecofys report shows potential for further uptake of alternative fuels in the cement industry
According to Ecofys, around 26 million tonnes of CO2 emissions could be avoided if the EU28 cement industry were to cover 60% of its fuel needs with alternative fuels.
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CEMBUREAU supports European Parliament’s decision on EU-ETS
CEMBUREAU has taken note of the vote that took place in the European Parliament on 15 February, welcoming its decision not to deliberately discriminate between sectors and to apply a fact-based approach to policymaking.
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Why the EU cement industry opposes an import inclusion scheme
ENVI’s proposal does not aim to address carbon leakage, but rather to target a limited number of sectors which, as a result, would no longer be entitled to free allocation. Through these amendments, the legislator aims to resolve the problem of having a sufficient number of free allowances available at the level of best performers in the other sectors. This approach entails a direct discremination of the sectors covered by the import inclusion scheme compared to those which can continue to benefit from free allowances.
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