CEMBUREAU’s feedback to EC Inception impact assessment EU Taxonomy Climate Mitigation and Adaptation delegated act


CEMBUREAU, the European Cement Association, welcomes the opportunity to provide feedback on the roadmap on EU Taxonomy Climate Mitigation and Adaptation delegated act. 

CEMBUREAU firmly supports the objectives of the European Green Deal and is determined to contribute strongly to the EU’s vision for a carbon neutral society by 2050. CEMBUREAU is currently revising its low-carbon roadmap setting out the key role of cement and concrete in the circular economy and a path to achieving carbon neutrality along its value chain in Europe by 2050 (please see our press release).

Public and private investments will be key to allow the European cement industry to deploy a wide range of technologies and innovation projects at every step of the cement production process and uses of cement, from the development of alternative fuels, many of them biomass, to replace fossil fuels in heating processes, improved energy efficiency of kilns, low-clinker cements, innovative binders and  concrete solutions, enhancement of permanent carbon capture in concrete, up to the development of carbon capture and storage/use technologies where the industry is leading the way through several pilot programmes in Europe.

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