Cementing Europe’s Future: Building the Green Deal



CEMBUREAU, the European Cement Association, is delighted to announce its 2020 summit - Cementing Europe's Future: Building the Green Deal -  online on 13 October. To register to the webinar, please click here

The event will focus on our 2050 Carbon Neutrality Roadmap and how cement & concrete, together with the construction industry, will help build the European Green Deal. It will offer an opportunity to meet key stakeholders, ranging from national and European policymakers, senior executives of cement companies, as well as a wide range of industry stakeholders, NGOs and academics. 


The day's discussions will be moderated by experienced journalist, speaker and moderator, Jacki Davis.

To open and frame the day's discussions, there will be two keynote speeches. This will be followed by the two main sessions.

The first session is entitled "The Road to 2050: Decarbonising Our Industry” and will focus on the cement industry’s contribution to CO2 emission reduction in the manufacturing of clinker and cement, the first two “C’s” of our decarbonisation strategy. It will look at the current decarbonisation efforts of the cement sector in terms of innovation and deployment of low-carbon technologies, and at the development of appropriate policy frameworks to deliver these investments. This will include a number of key policy issues such as access to alternative fuels and renewable energy, the development of public and innovative private funding tools for breakthrough technologies, as well as stable long-term regulatory frameworks to support industrial transformation. The debate over carbon border mechanisms will also be part of that session.

The second session is entitled “A Sustainable Built Environment – A Green Deal for Construction”. It will focus on the downstream market from cement and thus on the other three “C’s”: concrete-construction-carbonation. This session will discuss policy initiatives to create a sustainable built environment in Europe, as well as the contribution from the cement and concrete industry in this respect. It will look at upcoming legislation under the Green Deal with a specific link to existing and planned policy initiatives such as the Circular Economy Action Plan, the Building Level(s) Initiative, the implementation of the Energy Performance in Buildings Directive, the Construction Products Regulation and the upcoming Renovation Wave for Europe.