Argus Emissions Conference 2020


The Argus Emissions Conference will take place on 3-4 March 2020 in Lisbon, Portugal. The agenda will focus on every aspect of emissions that affect your business: market analysis and the factors affecting the carbon price, compliance with ETS regulation, maintaining the competitiveness of European industry, sustainability and investment, emission abatement technologies and the energy transition.

The Argus Emissions Conference is attended by market-leading experts ranging from power traders, policymakers, industry leaders, utilities, analysts, innovative technology companies and NGOs.  

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Why you should attend the 2020 conference:

A high CO2 price is an expression of a European political will - to be carbon-neutral by 2050. Understanding this context is essential if your business is to succeed over the next decade. The event will cover core issues affecting European emitters, including:

  • Carbon markets - gain a clear understanding of how the carbon price behaves, and how external factors – such as Brexit or the German energy transition – can be expected to affect that price
  • The regulatory framework - our panel and expert speakers are here to help you as we near the MSR Review of 2021. Learn what your business must expect and how you can prepare
  • Industrial competitiveness - As Europe pursues decarbonisation, one of the biggest worries for European industry is losing competitiveness against other parts in the world. Your industrial panel tackles this issue directly and will analyse what can and should be done to protect our industry to ensure it remains profitable
  • The energy transition - from biomass to hydrogen, sector coupling to CCS, the event will examine the strategies and conversations which will define European climate policy as we move towards net-zero

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